Who's Your Daddy? the funny side of parenthood

Who's Your Daddy? the funny side of parenting is back in Melbourne for the International Comedy Festival. After a very successful run in the Adelaide Fringe. I have some great guest comedians lined up, both Mums & Dads, all talking parenthood. you don't have to miss out on the laughs this year, with 3 time slots. 2.15 matinees, 6pm show & 10.45pm up late & live. With some of the best comedians from the festival, your guarantied a laugh about something you can certainly relate too.

"You don't have to be a parent to know the truths told here, a clever, lively journey that parents will relate too" Rip it up Magazine.

"Audiences will adore this show where each guest, both Mums & Dads put a fresh prospective on the funny bits of parenting an energetic, witty show" Herald Sun ****

Who's Your Daddy? the funny side of parenthood



Excellent show!!! Very funny!


Enjoyed the show imensely. No female on the evening but the men did a great job. I liked the mix of comedians as stated by another reviewer. Small crowd but we laughed loud for good reason.


Loved it


Really very enjoyable. We laughed a lot :)


Good show - some comedians much better than others but still had a good laugh.


A bit amateurish but still had a good time


Tough to rate because comedians are different each night. I loved the show we got to see and the comedians were excellent with involving the audience. I'd certainly go again and recommend it to others.


Great show ,audience involvement was good.


Four very different comedians with their stories about being parents. Short, sweet and funny.


The show was funny and it was good to have different comedians performing as it gave the show more variety. We are not even parents and enjoyed the show, so I think everyone can relate to it and enjoy it.


Great fun and heaps of laughs.


A good hour of straightforward stand-up. Ideal for a Saturday afternoon. Georgie Carroll (who did the guest spot) was great.


Loved the show. Laughed lots.


They did well considering they had to entertain only a small audience. Had a good night out! Never thought a car park could be a good venue!